Castle Rock Falabellas and American Miniatures

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Focused on breeding and preserving
the Argentine Falabella Miniature Horse, and our
quality Buckskin Appaloosas and Gold Melody Boy lines


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Welcome to Castle Rock

Our Falabella Program

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AMHA National Top Ten Senior Stallion

Grosshill's El Rey
(100% Falabella)

Grosshill's El Rey




Our senior Falabella herd stallion is GROSSHILL'S EL REY, an AMHA National Top Ten Senior Stallion who is tri-registered with the FMHA, AMHA & AMHR. El Rey is a very well known Falabella stallion--a true premier "macho" Argentine stallion--who are known for being top-of-the-line herd sires with strong breeding characteristics. Our Falabella herd has been selected to promote the exceptional high degree of conformation, refinement, movement and overall beauty found in the imported Falabellas. We have tried to select lines that are somewhat exclusive and unique, and as closely tied to the Argentina Farms as possible. In addition to El Rey coming in "utero" from the Argentine farm, two of our prize mares are direct Argentine imports themselves, and we are very proud to own them.





Diane C. Wolcott - President
~Charter Member~
Falabella International Preservation Association

Our American Miniature Program

Home Of


Sweetwater's Texas Spotty

Texas Spotty 

Texas Spotty 2a

Our lead Appaloosa stallion, SWEETWATER'S TEXAS SPOTTY, is a buckskin leopard appaloosa that has a huge eye, balanced trim barrel, an upright neck that he can really hook over and a beautiful head. Not only is he pretty, but he moves like a dream!


Diane C. Wolcott - President
~Charter Member~
International Miniature Appaloosa & Pintaloosa Club



Castle Rock Miniature Horse Farm, located in west-central Florida about 1 hour inland from the Sarasota/Bradenton area, is no longer an active breeding farm.  Our farm goal was to produce, show and sell champion quality show and family horses, with excellent conformation, movement, personality and color.  We happily did that for several years.  However, times have changed, and life circumstances changed, so now, we mentor  farms, to help them produce horses that routinely receive excellent individualized care, from monitored feedings to their routine health care including vaccinations, worming, hoof care, grooming and dental care.  Horses should be loved as unique personalities, and our goal is geared to helping others bring out the best in each of their horses, maximizing their strengths and minimizing their weaknesses through a carefully selected breeding program.

ALL of our Falabella horses were uniquely special, as PURE Falabellas are rare.  Only small herds are known to exist in several countries outside the US, and their number is estimated to be only a few thousand in the entire World.  Pure Falabellas make up a tiny part of the ever growing number of AMHA and AMHR registered American Miniatures.  Castle Rock, in honor of the Falabella horse, began an international association dedicated to the preservation of this unique breed of horse.  This Association, The Falabella International Preservation Association (FIPA) believes that a Miniature Horse who can trace 100% of their ancestry back to the Argentina horses should be honored as a Fallabella Miniature Horse.  We are pleased that all of our Falabella horses and foals were either direct imports from Argentina, or could trace their ancestry back to Argentina.  Our FIPA site will provide you information and links to breeders who are dedicated to preserving these special little horses. 

While most of our little ones had the conformation and breeding for the shows, we wanted first-time owners to enjoy the unique personality of these great horses--both Falabellas and American miniatures, and encourage you to experience the finest horse in the world, the MINIATURE horse.

This website will be changing from an active breeding farm site, to sharing the wonderful little horses that changed my life.  We will be hosting a wonderfully new mare and foaling site – where anyone interested in these special miniature horses can come and share, or seek answers to their questions, regarding pregnancy, foaling, care of their mares and foals, making breeding decisions, and sharing their experiences to help other.  Please enjoy, and thank you for joining us here and at THE MARE-TERNITY WARD !!  ~~Diane