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In Memory

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glint on snow,
I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you wake in the morning's hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush,
Of quiet birds in circling flight,
I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there. I did not die.

Falabella AF Tramposa


Falabella AF Tramposa    Falabella AF Tramposa

AMHA A171180 / AMHR 275683A / FMHA 1089
Foaled: 09/26/1993 - May 2012
Grullo Pinto

Sire: Falabella AF Tanguero
Dam: AF Trampa

"TRAMPOSA" is a 100% pure, Argentine Falabella, grullo pinto mare. She is a direct import from the Maria Angelica Falabella Farms in Argentina.

Many times the name of the Falabella horse helps to determine their identity. Horses like Daniela, having the name "Falabella" coming first, indicates that this horse was born in Argentina, and was imported directly from the Argentina farm. Then, the "AF" indicates that the horse was owned by (Maria) Angelica Falabella -- daughter of the famous Julio Falabella. So in Daniela's case, we know she was born at the Argentine Falabella farm, and was owned and imported to the United States by Maria Angelica Falabella.

We are sorry your time with us was so short and your little filly was lost. Run free with your baby, Tramposa !

Pedigree of Falabella AF Tramposa

Rancho Casa Bellas Chianti II

Falabella Herd Stallion:


Foaled: 03/23/1982 - Spring 2012

At 30 years old, we understand your desire to go running across the Rainbow Bridge with the energy of your youth.
We hope you have left us a little "legend" for next year. Run free, Chianti!

Rancho Casa Bellas Chianti II    Rancho Casa Bellas Chianti II

AMHA A04140 / AMHR 4107A / FMHA 396
Foaled: 03/23/1982
Black Roan Snowflake Appaloosa

Sire: CHIANTI (Argentine import)
Dam: Sherry (Argentine import)

"CHIANTI II" is a true 100% Argentine-line, Falabella stallion, whose sire is the legendary "CHIANTI" -- the famed miniature appaloosa import to the ranch John Ellena, owner of the Regina Winery, in 1962. In 1965 six horses were brought from the ranch to the Regina Winery grounds to pull the famous scaled down stagecoach which displayed the words "Regina Winery Stage Line, Buenos-Aires Argentina". Chianti was a part of the original "Six-horse Hitch."

Chianti II is a Driving Champion, and is possibly the ONLY living and breeding Son of the Great "CHIANTI" alive today! The first time I laid eyes on Chianti II at Sreenans Falabella Mini-horses of Florida farm, I just couldn't believe I was looking at a direct son of "THE CHIANTI!" Now he has arrived at Castle Rock and it is beyond belief.

Chianti II will take his place as the "Backbone" of our Regina Winery Falabella Program bringing his exceptional lines to our program -- hopefully for several years to come. Castle Rock will be his final home -- and although he has earned his retirement -- we are hoping he will continue breeding and grace our program with offspring in the future.

Chianti II's dam, "SHERRY" (a/k/a Rancho Casa Bellas Sherry) was also a PURE Falabella mare, imported to the Regina Winery in 1962, with Chianti, and was also part of the original "Six-horse Hitch." She was also shown in her early years, and achieved the status of Champion Senior Mare. Both Chianti and Sherry appeared in the famous Pasadena Rose Parade pulling the famous Regina Winery Stagecoach.

Chianti II is 32" and has sired over 39 registered FMHA/AMHA/AMHR foals during his 29 years. His record of foals is very positive with over 62% mares, with many being PURE Falabellas. Chianti II has that sweet disposition that Falabellas are known for. We are hoping for several new Falabella tri-registered foals from this exceptional son of the legendary "CHIANTI!"

Pedigree of Rancho Casa Bellas Chianti II

Tompkins Silverado

Tompkins Silverado

Senior Herd Sire:

AMHA A 22991 / AMHR 99254A
Foaled: 06/02/1988 - 28.5"
Chocolate Palomino with Flaxen Mane & Tail

Sire: Johnston's Gold Boy (Son of Gold Melody Boy)
Dam: Johnston's Silver (Daughter of Gold Melody Boy)


It took my breath away to be able to purchase this boy, and give him his "forever" home at Castle Rock. His sire was non-other than JOHNSTONS GOLD BOY. His dam, JOHNSTON'S SILVER, is the dam of WITTMAACKS MICKEY MOUSE, and is FULL SISTER to ROAN RANGER. THIS GOLD MELODY BOY LINE IS THE FACTORY WHERE THE BUCKEROO LINE HAD ITS BEGINNINGS.

It is truly a sad day when you realize that all of the Gold Melody Boy Sons are gone. These were the great ones that started it all, the ones who have brought so many of us together, and the ones whose legacy we will try to continue. To all the Gold Melody Boy breeders: It is not the end, but rather the beginning of what we can do to continue the Gold Melody Boy tradition. May GMB live on in each and every one of us.

Rest in Peace...
Roan Ranger 1974-1998
Wittmaacks Mickey Mouse (Mickey) 1979-2006
Johnston's Gold Bar (Bar) 1980-2007
Johnston's Gold Boy 1980-2008

Pedigree of Tompkins Silverado

D'Armond Bucks Bellarena

D'Armond Bucks Bellarena    D'Armond Bucks Bellarena

AMHA A177198 / AMHR 287789T - 29.50"
02/24/2007 - 8/12/2011
Smokey Black
Sire: Little Kings Major Bucks
Dam: AF Melody In Gold

Pictures and pedigree of D'Armond Bucks Bellarena

Joses Caballito

Joses Caballito

AMHA A41183 / FMHA 1026
Foaled: 05/01/1991
Blue Roan Appaloosa

Sire: Shadow Oaks Jose
Dam: Fancy Gold

05/01/1991 - 05/31/2011 -- A TRUE Regina Winery-bred Falabella. I will miss this specially bred mare. She was so sweet, and such a trusting old girl. Unfortunately, a neighborhood dog terrorized this old "momma", causing her to lose her foal due in the fall, and the ulcers that resulted from the stress, plus her age, just moved her too quickly over the Rainbow Bridge to run free! You'll be missed, sweet Josie!

Pedigree of Joses Caballito

Falabella Pedanton

Falabella Pedanton



Senior Falabella Herd Stallion


03/01/1988 - 12/28/2010

Hidden Hollow Baylee

AMHA 27070 / AMHR 281487A
11/09/1988 - 11-27-2008

Hidden Hollow Baylee



You will be missed, sweet Baylee. You were everything anyone could want in this lovely breed, and a great mom and herd mare. You will be remembered well, and I will miss your welcoming voice each day.

Castle Rocks Hidden Spots Wait N C

6/15/08 - 11/28/2008

We tried, sweet "NC", but the colic won over both of us. I'm so sorry if you suffered in any way. You will be missed.

Castle Rocks Hidden Spots Wait N C Castle Rocks Hidden Spots Wait N C Castle Rocks Hidden Spots Wait N C

Castle Rock Golden Callie - AMHR & FBR

Southern Charms Golden Callie - AMHA

07/01/2003 to 04/19/2008

Castle Rock Golden Callie    Castle Rock Golden Callie

You fought a good fight, and we all tried so hard.
You and your newborn colt will be missed, sweet Callie.
Thank you for our short time together. I weep for my sweet "pocket pet."

Almost Heavens Cinnamon Sugar

AMHA A71179 / AMHR 103100A
05/16/1995 - 7/30/2008

Almost Heavens Cinnamon Sugar



You were with us such a very short time, but you were a wonderfully, friendly girl, who was quickly becoming totally spoiled. We will miss you Cinni, and your unborn Drum Roll foal. Thank you for the time we had.

Meadowlakes Crimson & Clover

Meadowlakes Crimson & Clover    Meadowlakes Crimson & Clover

AMHA A110529 / AMHR 229765A
05/09/1998 - January 2011

Meadowlakes Crimson & Clover


 "Clover" has the most wonderful red chestnut/sorrel color and flaxen mane and tail, with about a "million" snowflakes. (Look at the picture of her just 4 years ago--when she was beginning to "flake") She is just beautiful! Clover is heavily Stout's bred, with 3 crosses to STOUTS MISTER PRIDE, one of the well-known FOUNDATION stallions of Miniature horses today. Clover has passed on her wonderful color to her 2 prior offspring: a sorrel near-leopard appaloosa filly, and a sorrel snowflake appaloosa filly.

Clover went over the Rainbow Bridge at the end of January, 2011. She was apparently found deceased in the pasture at the farm she was leased to, and we are sorry to have lost this exceptional mare with her "extreme" snowflake appaloosa patterning.